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Seavien Dana

Character Basics

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Seavien Dana (SAY-vee-ehn DAH-nah)

Affiliations and Titles:

Research Interests

Character Traits

  • Beautiful but vain
  • Dilettantish
  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Brutally honest
  • Flirtatious
  • Capricious and occasionally moody



"Seavien, you have a hair out of place." -Archibald Thel

Seavien is, by almost any measure, a stunningly beautiful specimen of his race. Tall, lithe and androgynous, he moves with a practiced grace, and can seem almost effeminate at times. He has thick shoulder-length, carefully and precisely tousled hair of a rich dark brown. His skin is fair and clean, and his eyes are a piercing azure with silvery speckles and long lashes. His lightly-muscled, slender body acts as canvas to his most striking physical aspect: intricate, winding tattoos in pearlescent white cover most of his body; a curling, shimmering arabesque of stylized arcane runes and sigils.

Seavien dresses in expensive clothes, preferring darker and unsaturated colors. He can often be seen carrying a stuffed goat he found named Percival

Personality and Beliefs

"He's a pill, but he means well." -Thienna Relimon-Hurst

Vain, flirtatious, and excitable, Seavien is an aesthete and bon vivant through and through. He lives for the pursuit of beauty and sensual pleasures, be they gourmet food, fine art, joyous music, expensive wine, or those of a more intimate nature. He loves to make people feel welcome in his presence, and relishes in helping women feel beautiful. He is most at home in a fine inn or restaraunt or an art museum, with friends. To Seavien, the world is a place of beauty, and people exist to share that beauty with each other and preserve it. And avariel are, to him, the pinnacle of all that is beautiful in a people.

Seavien's outgoing nature is apparent upon meeting him. He approaches even strangers as if they were old friends, and always seems legitimately pleased to meet new people. He is seldom shy and always speaks his mind, even (especially) when it may be to his detriment. Overall, he tries to be a decent, caring person, and expects others to do the same, but is occasionally dismissive or even malicious towards people or things he doesn't care about. He also has a temperamental, flighty side to him, as quick to anger as he is to love. Many people have come to tolerate his quirks and moods. None have come to understand them.

For all his vanity, for all his flirtatiousness, bravado, cheer and sybaritism, Seavien has never known happiness.



"You will be a vindicating angel of destruction, a glorious burning fire! The children of deceit will flee before you or be turned to ash! The choir in the walls sings it, my son, do you not hear?" - Selooya Dana

The story of Seavien's childhood is one he only shares with his closest friends.

Seavien was born in Toostan-of-the-Clouds, the former home of his race, mere weeks before it was first attacked by the armies of Grantir. His father Timeas stayed behind to defend against the invaders, and has never been heard from since. His mother, Selooya, fled the city on wing, taking them to safety. He still has a few vivid memories of those first days, though they are disjointed visions and hold no narrative. Blood and fire and feathers, pillars of acrid smoke, terror and heartbreak in his mother's eyes as she held him close to her chest, gleaming marble spires crumbling, and sky, so much sky.

Southward she flew, as fast and as far as her wings could take her, her wracked body eventually collapsing and falling in a field on the east coast. Someone rescued them, and gave them shelter in Le'Or, where Seavien spent what would pass as his childhood.

Selooya's mind was broken by the loss of her beloved, her home, and the curse placed upon the race by Angadar. She began to have strange visions, conversing with people who were not there, laughing and crying through the night, tearing at her clothes in delirious ecstasies of madness. She became paranoid and agoraphobic, and never left the house nor allowed young Seavien to leave. Worst of all, she suffered the delusion that Seavien was some sort of messianic figure, who would grow to become the greatest arcanist Avlis had ever seen, reunite the Avariel race and rebuild Toostan, getting revenge on Grantir in the process. She began teaching him magya as soon as he could speak, and started him memorizing and casting cantrips at a tender age. He showed a talent for wizardry, even so young, which only lent credence to his mother's delusions. She started scribbling seemingly nonsensical runic patterns on every flat surface in the house, refining and refining them to meet some unknown standard. When she was satisfied, she transferred this final design, pin-prick by pin-prick over the next several years, onto Seavien's body, using a mysterious agony-inducing transparent ink that turned a shimmering white as it slowly seared into his flesh.

Adolescence and Young Adulthood

"Bring on the next course... and a round on me! This will be a night to remember!" - Seavien Dana

It was a miracle that some Avengers of Dru'el found him when they did. A trembling adolescent boy, malnourished, unable to walk, and bleeding from his skin. They took him to the orphanage of Dra'Nar and kept his mother away. The clergy took a liking to Seavien as he proved to be as gentle as his mother was sadistic, and soon brought about in him an understanding that the world outside was not to be reviled or feared, but that there was beauty in it. He came to know that his mother was very sick and probably not a prophet, and that he had to find his own way, and not let her exhortations influence him one way or another. As he was rehabilitated, he began to play with the other children, and quickly found that the young ones loved shows of magic. Around this time, be it from latent ability or something his mother did, he began finding himself able to occasionally cast his favorite cantrips without memorizing them. He hid this revelation from his mentors, and practiced sorcery alongside his wizardry.

Eventually he grew old enough to go out into Le'Or alone and find his own way. Living in a small apartment and doing odd jobs for merchants gave him the first taste of security and freedom he'd ever had. He quickly found ways to capitalize upon his strange and alluring appearance, leveraging it into friendships with various children of upper-crust socialites and artists around the city, where he acquired his tastes for fine elven wine and fine elven art (not to mention fine elven women). He practiced archery and swordplay with nobles' sons, learning those martial arts favored by the elves. He wrote poetry (love sonnets, mostly) and painted portraits (hurried abstract sketches of nudes), discussed philosophy and theology, and generally lost himself in the finer things available in the canopies of T'Nanshi. A war somewhere south ground to a halt, dangers to the city came and went, but Seavien like many was inured to the quickly changing world on the forest floor and beyond. Beauty and truth became his foremost pursuits.

Yet he did not find lasting joy in these things. And the one constant that always kept him enthralled, if not happy, was his burgeoning understanding of the art of mortal magic.

So, as he is wont to do, one day he decided on a whim to venture out into the world and involve himself in ongoing affairs.

First Forays into the Trust

Seavien found the world outside Le'Or to be a much more diverse and dangerous place than he'd ever imagined. He immediately got it in his mind to see everything he could see and learn everything he could learn about the broader world and magic's place within it. Touring the south, he most often found himself in Elysia, where work was easy to find, as well as M'Chek and Visimontium. He sought out mages of all stripes and learned everything he could about magic, absorbing the details of arcana with a quick and clever mind. One day he found his sorcerous ability to have become fully fledged, and on that day he converted to worship and veneration of Andrinor. He started looking into the orders of the Trust, finding where he fit in.

Flirting and gallivanting across the south, he met many famous mages and adventurers. He began to study under Vintrinia Carnen, who became his sponsor when he declared he'd chosen the Red Order. He also met a beautiful avariel sorceress by the name of Thienna Relimon, and they enrolled in the Academy of Mortal Magic together. He went out of his way to court the young woman, lavishing her with gifts and sincere flattery, sharing with her the beautiful worlds he'd so recently discovered. He was taken by her beauty, and she perhaps, was taken with his joie de vivre. Things were going swimmingly, and it seemed Seavien might find a place in this new world of magic, and perhaps, even, a lasting love. But then he made an egregious mistake.

On a whim, he hopped a boat to see the Seven Cities, and neglected to tell anyone.


Soon after he arrived in the Seven Cities, a cutpurse made off with Seavien's small savings. He was unable to afford passage back south, and with no one to know where he'd gone, had no recourse but to try to start over in a new city.

((work in progress))


When Seavien returned to the south he found that much had changed. Many of his old friends were gone. Of those that remained, most were completely different. Vintrinia had become an archmage and then left for the Ebony Order, and something had horribly burnt and scarred her beautiful form. Thienna had become a famous and respected member of the Trust, mastering fatespinning and marrying Aleksandr Hurst, a necromancer from a powerful family. Gubblebub was the new archmage, Flenken was semi-retired, the Red was full of unfamiliar faces... nothing was the same.

It took a while for Seavien to get his feet under him again. Thankfully Thienna, Kassha Fireheart and Archibald Thel took him under their wings and helped him get reacquainted with things in the south.

As he gained his bearings, Seavien began hearing stories about avariel that wanted to turn their backs on Cha'reth and move to other planes, or even who claimed that Cha'reth's undoing of Angadar's curse was a lie. Seavien had never been overly invested in the prosperity of his race (perhaps even avoiding concerning himself with it because of his mother's illness), but the ongoing events in the world somewhat galvanized his opinions, especially after hearing of the tragic massacring of over 500 avariel associated with the "Provisional Toostan Army" in Elysia. Elysia, which had seemed a home, thereafter seemed a bit unwelcoming, its alliance with Grantir and strong Angadaran presence unsettling to him given recent events.

Seavien revisited the mage orders and retook the first-year Academy classes as a refresher, and has joined as a full member of the Red. However it has been relatively informal, with little ceremony, and slow going.


Seavien continues to study wizardry, and his sorcery continues to improve without him putting much effort into it. He has made new friends and seen new places, and is currently hunting an alchemist who has been making clones of him in Ferrell. He also recently had a run-in with some troll shamans and their minions... after the entire rest of the party had fallen, he managed to slay the monstrous shaman in single combat. Shortly after saving the day, Seavien received the Mark of Andrinor.

Seavien also is working with others to gather more avariel together to work for common causes.

Out of Character Information

Played by megamegamega