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"It takes void's sanity to build a bridge where one simply flies." - Anomandari

"Sanity is for the weak." - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War



  • Is a composite nickname the origins of which are buried in the depths of the internet.
  • Can be caught lurking behind the nickname Void Hamlet' on the #Avlis Discord space.
  • Can be spyed sailin' IG under the GameSpy flag VoidHamlet.
  • Is currently engaged in the game world thanks to Sister Clemence and to a degree, old man Ýshäé.
  • Is formerly known as the puppeteer behind Sage Miriel, Mother Day, etc. and as a perpetuator of IC drama.
  • Is Avlis' PH (pronounced "peach") Fairy, Screw-Up Fairy's Best Imaginary Friend.
  • Has been housekeeping the Avlis Wiki and has a cult following of Avlis Wiki cooties groupies.


Please message me a day in advance if you want to catch up with my character(s) In Game.

Or find me in #Avlis on Discord!

CoPaP Builder Legacy

CoPaP Ysgard

The Candy Fairy - 2006 and the terror lives on
Original Infinite Staircase feat. Beastlands and Selune's Palace - 2005
Village of Uth'Niord and surrounding grounds - 2005

CoPaP Avlis

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Some cooperative efforts, minor interventions, secret and retired player housing projects are not included.

  • All

Heroic Domain of Ysgard Deathplane retouch - 2016
Nine Hells of Baator Deathplane conceptual revision - 2010

Academy of Mortal Magic interior and exterior revision, entire complex - 2014
Deglos Causeway North, Robsin Pass Rest Stop revision - 2014
Contrary to popular belief, the Garden of the Void in Southern Deglos is NOT a VoidHamlet creation.

The Drunken Sailor Tavern interior revision - 2015
Gaccan's Fine Textiles interior revision - 2016

The Greenthumb House (Player Housing) - 2014
Murano Glassworks interior revision - 2015

Cytheria Temple of Cha'reth - 2006

Academy of Mortal Magic interior revision - 2013
Thayt'Vorin Temple interior revision - 2013

Black Light at Eastshore (Player housing) - 2018
Blandenberg Apartments, Apt# 3 special interior design - 2016
Blue Order of the Sky's Tower interior at Derrington Keep, revised from the original Kuras Tower (Guild housing) - 2009
Derrington Keep grounds, castle interior, Temple of Dagath interior, The Pickled Badger Inn interior revision - 2009 (Bird's Eye View)
The Dew Drop Inn at Finmaegen Keep, interior revision - 2010
Drakehall Keep grounds, castle interior, smithy interior (Player housing) - 2015, chapel to Toran - 2017 (Field Mouse's View)
House Beign (Player housing) - 2013
House Staahl and the Advancement School of Valok (Player housing) - 2008
Keepers of the Cycle Headquarters (Guild housing) - 2005

Benneset Manor (Player housing, done IC as Miriel Hana) - 2009
Burnham's Suites revision (Player housing, done IC as Miriel Hana) - 2009
Temple of Dagath, Upstairs (Guild housing) - 2014
Gibson's Digs (Player housing) - 2015
Paddleton Place (Player housing) - 2016

Black Citadel dungeon environment (Scripted encounters by szabot) - 2009
Torori'Nevalor (Guild housing) - 2008
Verloghokbol Guard Headquarters & Prison - 2009
Verloghokbol Cartels Citadel District interiors - 2009

The Map of Visimontium

Academy of the Advanced Arcane (Guild housing) - 2011
Ashen Order of the Stars tower interior (Guild housing, done IC as Miriel Hana) - 2005
Avlis Arms & Armour Upstairs Rooms revision - 2014
Coldshadow Tavern interior - 2008
Coldshadow Village exterior - 2007
Council of Dagath Chamber (Guild housing) - 2014
Frimungun's Fine Clothing Emporium interior revision - 2013
Gorethar Chapel - 2005
High Temple of Andrinor interior revision - 2015
Igor's Home (Player housing) - 2006
Jade's Coffee House interior revision - 2013
Mill, Recycling & Water Treatment Station - 2009
Mountain View Apartments, Apt #5 special interior design - 2015
Orphanage, Nursery and Daycare (Player housing, done IC as Miriel Hana) - 2010
The Retreat (Player housing, done IC as Miriel Hana) - 2005-2015
Selash & Aelwyn's Home (Player housing) - 2009
Snow Eater's Tavern interior and exterior revision - 2008
Temple of Dagath interior (Guild contribution, done IC as Morain) - 2005
Temple of Yeriah interior - 2008
Various ambiance tweaks around Visimontium proper - 2008-2013

Arns Lake Manor (Player housing) - 2015
Celia's Kitchen interior at Port Nireth - 2013
FireFly Fall & Home (Player housing) - 2016
Inn of Elania interior revision - 2010
Jacob's Curios interior and Xi'ana Bloode stock revision - 2013

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