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Home Plane: Baator

Symbol: A greatsword flanked by a set of horns

Colors: Rusty Red

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshipper's Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Area of Control: Special

Clerical Domains: Animal, Earth, Strength

Center of Worship: Grantir

Unlike most other gods that control some aspect of life or philosophy, Bobil is an attendant. In life, the minotaur Bobil was a faithful companion to Angadar, who is now the god of Arcane Knowledge, Deceit and Trickery. Shortly after Angadar ascended to godhood, he deified Bobil and charged him with the eternal task of guarding his realm from attack.

For this reason, Bobil does not have too many worshippers, and the few that he does have are mostly serving in the city of Grantir, where Angadar's stronghold in the physical realm is located. As with Bobil himself, the worshippers of this deity all swear themselves to the service of the city and the drangonari elves who inhabit it. In fact, most of these worshippers are drangonari elves themselves, however there are a good number of minotaurs who have come in from other realms to serve this deity. The majority of these folk are stationed at temples to Angadar within Grantir, though a few are sent out on missions with the drangonari under special circumstances.

Bobil has no temples of his own, because most of his holy duties take place at temples of Angadar in small shrines located off to the side.